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BeoSound Shape

BeoSound Shape

5.122,00 €Prijs

Modular, Wall Mounted Speaker System


Immersive sound, customisable design and integrated noise dampers for design-conscious music lovers.


Price is indicative only. Final price will be provided by the local store and may vary based on configuration.

Tile Colors


BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design conscious music lovers – delivering immersive sound staging, a customizable design and integrated noise dampers for improved room acoustics. Based on a modular tile concept, BeoSound Shape is designed to provide ultimate creative freedom. Each tile serves a function as either speaker, amplifier or acoustic damper and can be pieced together in endless combinations. Living room, hotel lobby or restaurant - whatever the setting, we will let you define the size, colours and even the sound performance to match.

Create your own design

No two configurations are likely to be the same, and that's the whole beauty. Yet each one will undoubtedly leave a lasting visual imprint – on every wall and every room. Try our configuration tool to create your personal Beosound Shape design. Start by defining the pattern and look. Complete your design by choosing a performance level that matches your needs.


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